Stone Brewing Opens Up About Their Past and Bright Future

The Road Less TraveledGrowth Kegs of Stone

Almost 20 years ago Stone Brewing started as a small
independent craft brewery with 7 employees pushing out
800 barrels in their first year.

Getting no where fast with the San Diego “Big Beer” distributors. They took matters into their own hands and created Stone Distributing with one minivan to start. Now Stone Distributing has 90 delivery trucks that cover most of the southern California counties and distribute 35 different brands of craft and specialty beer.

Stone Brewing today with 1100 employees and 330,000 barrels in 2015,
have built themselves up to one of the top 10 largest independent brewers in the United States.

beer-garden-8290_1920With this growth and company reinvestment, Stone will soon be opening new digs in Berlin, Germany and Richmond, Virginia. …Read the full story at the San Diego Union Tribune