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DEAR RICK: I’ve recently gotten more into cellaring beer and wondered if a nitro beer would age any different than a carbonated or bottled conditioned beer? Thanks! — Matt

Dear Matt: I’m not a big fan of cellaring. Why? I’m too impatient and can’t wait to drink the beer. That said, I do have several bottles of Samuel Adams Utopias sitting around. And I once hid away a bottle of Alaskan Smoked Porter for a special occasion.

Now back to your question. I turned to an expert for some help.

Willoughby Brewing Co. brewmaster Rick Seibt noted that there should be no problem aging nitro beers. But herein lies the rub — the best beers to age are darker and higher alcohol brews. (Some sours as well.) I’m sure there are some around but my brain isn’t overflowing with high-alcohol nitro options.

There certainly is no reason to age Guinness or Boddingtons. The new Samuel Adams nitro line …

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